The gemstone Jadeite is a beautiful pick-me-up for “sweet-tooths” and “metal-mouths” alike.  Who can resist the magical pairing of rocks with a jelly bean essence in a gold setting like the earrings pictured here?

IMG_9849 (1)

The translucent, rare, and valuable jadeite was once thought to be able to cure kidney stones if rubbed against the side of the body. Sometimes confused with nephrite, the valued stone of Imperial China where it was used for equipment because of its hardness and strength, jadeite is the rarer of the two and is also finer in color. Nephrite has almost no value today unless it is a highly skilled handcrafted piece or if it can be traced back to ancient times.  Nephrite is white and green in color and can also be red, orange, or black due to oxidization.Nephrite_jordanow_slaskinephrite

Jade is a much more effervescent stone and comes in many colors. The most coveted color is fine green although lavender and ice jade follow along closely behind. Black “jade” jewelry is usually made of nephrite, although black jade does exist and is very rare and somewhat expensive. Jade also comes in reds, yellows, browns and whites.

Right now the market-conditions for jadeite are diminishing because the only real source for trade is Myanmar, a coastal country located between Bangladesh and
Thailand. The demand for jadeite is increasingly high and prices are sky-rocketing!

DGX has three distinct jade pieces right now, two pairs of earrings in yellow gold settings (priced at $195 & $295) that are a swimming paradise of tropical sea green and a necklace of a jungle hue with a 14k yellow gold chain (priced at $239) pictured below.  Come into the store at 7553 Melrose to try on and shop!

Visit us online: diamondandgoldexchangeusa.com


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